Monday, September 13, 2010

The plastic home of the future.


Rachel said...

It's kind of ironic watching this movie when Mansanto has actually done a lot of damage to our environment, they are the main procucers of GMOs and sue small farmers into using their product even if they don't want to because of "patent infringement."

While watching this I wondered how much damage they did to our planet by just making that home. At the same time smiled because a lot of those things listed like the phone, razor, toothbrush, thermostat, etc. we have today and don't even think about it. Then the stuff like that laminate flooring, which so many people can't stand, also made me smile because at that time I guess it was a luxury and now today people want stone or carpet or wood. Funny how things change.

Nancy said...

I know. It's funny when you think about how plastic, this miracle material in the 1950s has caused health problems, overloading landfills, not to mention tons and tons of chemical run off. Still, the tone of this video was too cute and optimistic not to share.