Thursday, May 12, 2011

Halfway to Halloween Shindig

So if you follow my facebook or twitter feeds you'll already know that Mr. Fiance and I were invited to a Halfway to Halloween party tomorrow night.

So if you're in the Atlanta area you should totally stop by and say hello to us. Just saying

As you can imagine there is not enough time to make new costumes for tomorrow so I'm busting out our Logan's Run costumes again. I wasn't completely happy with Mr. Fiance's Logan costume last time around so tonight I'll make some adjustments.

Here's a photo of us from last October.

Over all I was satisfied with the costumes. I was very happy with the mock turtleneck undershirt, but I thought the tunic was off. When I made the tunic Mr. Fiancé was unavailable for measurements so I traced one of Mr. Fiancé's teeshirts to make the tunic pattern. I didn't take into account where the shoulders were going to lay and thus this happened.

Poofy Poof Mc Poofyshoulders. Luckily it only needs some minor adjustments. I just need to take in the shoulder lines a little bit like such:

And adjust the neckline like so:

Cake. No problem. Just a few quick snips and some blind hem stitches and we'll be good to go.

As far as the Jessica Dress I really only need to redo the belt. I'll swing by the hardware store this afternoon and see if I can't find any 2 inch silver O-rings. I had originally ordered 3 inch rings but they were way too big. I had thought the 3inch referred to the total size of the ring, not the opening. I still think it normally does, but I bought my rings off etsy and I suspect the seller was a little confused.

My Stacey, what nice boobies you have.

I ended up tossing out two of the rings and making the belt with three rings rather than the five rings used in the movie.

Three rings in front, two larger rings in back.

I also need to reinforce the inside of the belt with a stronger fabric so that it can actually support the rings. I'm not going to lie... the last time I wore this costume one of the rings popped off and another was barely hanging on by the end of the night. So I figure I'll either shove some interfacing in there or a piece of scrap flannel depending on what I've got lying around the house.

All in all I suspect it will take me a couple hours to complete the miner alterations. I'll update you on how I jury rigged everything afterwards. I briefly contemplated getting us some fabulous wigs for tomorrow night, but meh. I'll save that for Dragoncon.

And hey, if you think you might make it out tomorrow send me a line or leave a comment and I'll make sure to look for you at the event.

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