Monday, July 19, 2010

Results of the Caftan Poll

So two people named that movie!

The answer was Logan's Run!  

Congratulations Spacewomanspiff and Maura. Your prizes are 15 brownie points each, your names mentioned on this here blog, a good sized boost to your coolness factor, and the knowledge that you two are some of the proud few that have witnessed the film's awesomeness.

An Honorable Mention goes to Amy who knew the actor in the caftan was none other than Mr. Michael York. Amy gets 8 brownie points.

If you haven't seen it you should really try to pick up or rent it. Here are some yummy 1976 visuals to entice you.

Come on, how could you not want to see this now that you've seen this fantastic opening logo?

Caftan alert!

Jenny Agutter has got to be one of the most beautiful women in history. She is just so pretty. 

The lovely Mrs. Farrah. 

Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I do!

This whole thing has given me an idea. Fiancé and I watch a lot of obscure old movies. I would call us old movie buffs. Would anyone be interested in a "name that film" contest? I'd post a photo from an old movie and people could leave guesses in the comments of the post. I could run them about once a month or so and the fabulous prize would of course be a vintage pattern from my collection. Yay or nay?


amy said...

oh Yay! for the old movie contest! I watch a lot of old random movies too.

8 brownie points means I am allowed to eat 8 brownies with out remorse, right? :)

I have already put Logan's Run on my Netflix. I will let you know when i watch it!

Sarsaparilla said...

Definitely YAY on the "name that film" contest. I've seen a lot of old movies but have a horrible memory, so probably wouldn't guess any right - but it would be so much fun.

Logan's Run - oh my gosh, I just remembered that I saw this back in the 70's. I will have to find it on Netflix and watch again...

Helga said...

caftans(I own several)and Logans Run rock!
I have always loved Jenny Agutter.

Anonymous said...

Michael York played a "Sandman" in the 70's hit Logan's Run. People could have anything that they wanted except their 30th birthday.