Monday, November 14, 2011

Sorry: Interuption. Saucy Nurse Costume.

Slight interruption here. If you follow the facebook you'll know that I was invited to this lovely little shindig on Friday night. I was invited last tuesday which gave me three days to pop out a costume.

A challenge which I happily accepted. I didn't have a nurse's costume so hey, why not?

  I started with this shirt dress pattern. Butterick 5421. I used view D (blue dress) and went to town. Really all that needed altering was a little bit of shaping around the waist and some shortening of the length. I removed the pockets for time's sake and added a little bit of trim here and there.

I was pretty satisfied with it. Particularly the collar. Other than cutting the facing a bit too short it came out very well. My best shirt collar to date actually. Now if I could just figure out stand collars.

The only real problem I had was with sewing the ruffle on the bottom. I sort of kind of possibly sewed it on backwards for the party (which I did not have time to fix) and then I kind of sewed it on backwards again when trying to fix it for blog photos over the weekend. There wasn't much I could do to fix it the second time since I'd already lost too much length (don't rush kids, it f***s things up).

Sadly, this thing is short short short so I'll probably end up putting another layer of ruffle on the bottom eventually. The only thing I could think to do for now was bind my raw edges with some casing. It's okay, but not my best work.

But overall, quite satisfied and I was definitely a hit at the party.

 Just try to imagine this with some yarn hair-falls, pale blue contacts, a good smearing of white powder, white knee socks, my giant clonking white platform shoes, and some black eye shadow. I'll have to see what I can do about getting the whole outfit together and snapping a few photos since this really doesn't do it justice.

I would show you photos from the event, but unfortunately about 10 minutes into the party the camera crapped out so I didn't actually get any photos of myself so here are some photos from their facebook page of some of the other fantastic costumes.

 Thanks for reading, lovelies! See you soon!

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mbix said...

Very unique/creative. love it.

Piroska said...

What a coincidence, I just made myself a nurse's outfit for the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, using a 1950s pattern.
Cheaper than buying one! I like your matching face mask.

Eleanor said...

Excellent job!!!!!! :D

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