Thursday, April 22, 2010

More of the pattern haul.

Here are some highlights from a lot of patterns I picked up this week. I've been getting such great prices that I just can't stop myself from buy buy buying. Some of these images are from the vintage pattern wiki, some are from the auction itself.

First on today's list is McCall's 5079. What a cute cute blouse pattern. I really like the short sleeved view C, but lady B looks so nice in her long sleeve with pencil skirt pairing. This pattern came in a Bust 34. I would love to make one of these in a pink or light blue. White is okay, but it'll be my shirt and I like pink.

Next is American Designer Pattern No. 1188 in a Size 16. I WISH WISH WISH this was in my size. Look at the fabulous neck line. Wow, I'm melting. This lady just looks so posh, so sophisticated. Couldn't you just die? The little peek-a-boo detail at the bottom is a nice touch. Love it.

This is my favorite pattern from the whole lot. Not necessarily because of what the pattern is, but because of the note scribbled on the front. It reads "Ramona, dear -- My conscience would not permit me to finance the wearing of pants by a girl, not event to the small extent of furnishing a pattern, so I have removed that portion." So it's not a complete, but this pattern has history. Apparently Ramona didn't care much for the skirt version of this because the pieces were never cut out. It's still factory folded, minus the pants.

Another cute blouse. This is Simplicity 3275. I love the cute little bow on view 3. Not quite sure how I feel about the waist. I'd have to see one of these made up. My pattern is Size 14 Bust 34. I think this would be a great blouse in some sort of light fabric with a simple print. View 3's got the right idea there.

Advance 9729. Really super cute coat. This lady is looking fabulous in her pill box hat, coat and gloves. I'm a huge fan of glamorous looks like this. This pattern is copyright 1961. I bet this lady is wearing purl earrings. I would be with this ensemble!

This pattern is very similar to Butterick 8367. I definitely prefer the sleeves in this one over the puff sleeves on 8367, but not over the sleeveless version of 8367. It's very cute and "Sew Easy!" Mine is a size 14. I love the tiered skirt, this looks like a very fun day dress. The lady in the teal dress loves dancing around in hers. Bangle bracelets seem to be required for wearing this dress as well. This will definitely need a crinoline, so probably more of a early spring/late fall kind of dress down here in GA.

Simplicity 3745. Very cute blouse pattern. Wish it came with the shorts view 2 is wearing, but it's just the blouse. Not quite sure how I feel about view 5's duel color blouse there. It might be a little too tacky for me, but view 4 looks like she's going to go have a great time at the beach. Awesome, I like the beach and wearing sunglasses too. We totally have something in common. Looks like this comes with three collar styles and two sleeve styles. This I won't be making. It's a 36 bust, about two sizes too big for me. It's a little sad, but hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy this great pattern.

And last, but not least is Simplicity 2549. Sooooo cute. My pattern envelope is in much better shape than this one that I grabbed from the wiki. Mine also comes in size 14 bust 34 flavor. Cute dress with two different skirt options. I'm picturing making this in some sort of black silky/satiny fabric with a contrasting white collar. I think that would be very very fab. The pattern would need a little alteration, but that's what muslin is for.

Next post: The new challenge and a blog name change. My Beau has issued me a challenge and I'm always up for a challenge. This is a good challenge, a crafty challenge, a challenge that allows for a lot of jersey. Stay tuned for an update on blog changes!

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Michelle said...

Hi! Just recently discovered your blog. I also have Simplicity 3275 and recently reviewed it on PatternReview--I had to make the waist a lot less cinched to fit me, but it's still cute!