Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Costumes costumes costumes!!!

 Otherwise know as "OMG! I have 2 weeks left to get this all together!"

I've been a busy bee this week. Took a trip to the local theater supply company last night. What a blast! I had so much fun going through costumes, looking at costume construction and I confess... trying a few on. I couldn't help myself! They were too cute. Unfortunately I can't post any pictures, but know that the costumes were fantastic and that I am so inspired right now!

And inspiration is a mighty good thing. The show is in full swing. The first performance is labor day weekend. So things are just a bit stressed around here. Costume plots are together, measurements taken, costumes in mid-construction, bits and pieces ordered, thrift shops torn apart, feathers all over my house, chaos chaos chaos.

1977 Production of Guys and Dolls. Miss Adelaide and her Chick-Chick-Chickies

The principles are mostly done. Adelaide's wedding dress even fit right into this blog's budget. It cost me $25.00 at the local church shop and it is in fabulous shape. The lady playing Adelaide and I are about the same size so I tried the gown on for fit before purchasing. Only afterwards did I realize that that is the first and only wedding dress I've tried on so far. Bummer, but great for the show! The dress is just a little too pretty as it is so I'll be adding crazy tacky bows and ribbons. The director said go over the top and so we're going as over the top as we can. Matching? Bah. We are so above matching outfits in this show.

The boys are all wearing found and rented suits in various degrees of color. With such a short time frame there wasn't time for me to construct much, just a few costumes here and there. Still, I'm having a blast even if I'm more of the show's "personal stylist" than I am the costumer right now. Oh and did I mention I also have this little "wedding" thing going on as well? Tonight I meet with a wedding planner so there will be some costuming late into the night afterwards.

And I guess that it's for my update. It's back to my regularly scheduled crazy life now. Today please enjoy "Take Back Your Mink" from the 1955 version of Guys and Dolls, sung by the original Miss Adelaide Vivian Blaine.

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