Friday, August 27, 2010

New Camera Request Approved!!

My birthday is just around the corner and my birthday gift has been approved!!! I requested a lovely new camera. My mother has approved my request! Mom, you are Awesome! I just can't wait to be able to upload photos again. Scratch that, I can't wait to be able to actually get photos off the camera again! Time for a happy dance!

Oh and that Vintage wedding dress shop I went to? It doesn't have vintage wedding dresses anymore so I totally lied about putting photos up. Now it's a somewhat alternative bridal boutique. We still had a really fun time, but we were not allowed to take photos because of designer copyright. I really enjoyed my first wedding dress shopping experience. If you are in Atlanta wedding dress shopping someday go there. The staff was wonderful! All the dresses were so unique and beautiful, but not vintage. Here are some real vintage wedding dresses to make up for it.

Albert & Vita Genco Wedding, Mid-1950s. Tell me you don't love that glorious full train. It's a bit much for me, but it is very elegant. I also love the bridesmaids's gowns. Love the sleeves. I wonder what color they were? Some sort of pastel. Pink and light blue were very popular colors of the time. I think my bridesmaids would be a little upset with me if I made them wear these today but I really do think those dresses are just so sweet and pretty. Perfect for the time.

This lady is such a doll. I really love her hat and veil. It's simple, elegant, and not overdone. This is more of a "me" look. I won't be having my wedding on a cold day (hopefully), but if I did I would love to have a coat like this to wear over it. I can certainly appreciate the more formal, long train dresses of the time, but my heart is in the simpler more elegant straight line dresses that would fit under a lovely coat like this.

Penn-De Hann wedding. August 1953. Look at all that lace! I have a love for lace. In fact at the bridal store the other day I ran straight for the lace dresses. So so beautiful. It is very unusual to see men in anything other than the white tuxedo jacket in the mid 1950s. Very formal weddings still had tuxes with the tails, striped pants, and glove combo. Some men still wore suits for more low key weddings, but these white tuxes were definitely very popular.

This is my absolute favorite dress of the bunch. Simple, elegant, not too much. And those buttons! Couldn't you just die? This is the Chorley-Lally wedding December 1954. I just love her shoes too. I want to build a time machine just so I can go back in time and get them. (Someday I might get over the white strappy shoe love, maybe..)

In the late 1950s we don't see many of the white coat tuxes anymore. I thought this photo was interesting because the men were wearing black tux jackets with white pants. The bridesmaids are so cute in their pink dresses. I love the daisy bouquets and of course the lovely hats. One of the groomsmen in the back doesn't seem to be having a very good day...

And finally this couple. Mendham-French wedding 1956. Men's formal tuxes still look the same. I really like her high necked wedding dress with eyelet fabric. It's so pretty! If you don't click on any others you have to click on this one to see the dress fabric. I wish they made attractive long sleeved wedding dresses today. I would be very tempted.

What do you think? Which dress is your favorite? Would you wear these dresses?


Anonymous said...

I love the Chorley-Lally wedding dress - so pretty! I also love the gentleman's morning suit in the last photo. Such a classic.

Anonymous said...

The last photo is my favorite! Her dress is modest, yet kinda sexy (am I the only one who thinks 'left to the imagination' is a little bit hot?) and that bridegroom is the best accessory a girl could hope for!


Nancy said...

Sarah: I secretly want Fiance to wear the morning suit. Too bad we're going for a fun casual air!

Garnet: Tell me about it. I just love her dress. It's very well fitted and makes her look soooo pretty.

mady said...

Hey Nancy,

My grandparents are Albert and Vita Genco. Someone in the family found your blog and the picture and showed it to Grandma Vita. While she is unable to figure out how to comment on a blog herself, I'm commenting to convey the info about the photo that was given to me that she thought you may want to know.
1. The wedding was in 1952.
2. Her mother made the wedding dress and all of the bridemaids dresses.
3. The train was so long because it represented her purity.
4. The dresses were lilac so you were pretty close with your guess of pastel pink or blue.

Enjoy your search through vintage clothing and photos,
Mady Genco Nichas, Vita Genco, and the rest of the Genco Family

mady said...

P.S.- We were also wondering... where did you find the photo?