Thursday, April 29, 2010

New blog name and some color.

As you may have noticed I've finally changed the name of my blog. I decided to go with 25 Dollar Vintage or $25V for short. I think it expresses what I'm trying to do while still leaving room for me to blog about other things in my life. Okay, I confess. I totally picked this name so I could use my cute little semi-acronym. $25V. How cute is that? Expect a new banner soon. I just need some time to sit in front of InDesign and plug one out.

Also need to think about changing the blog colors. I'm totally leaning towards the fabulous 60s and 70s Harvest Gold/Avocado Green combo. Come on, you wish you could still get your dishwasher in fabulous colors like this!

I always wear my fancy matching harvest gold gowns when using my dishwasher. Who doesn't? Seriously.

All joking aside I do quite enjoy the updated summer yellow and lime green color combo that's been floating through home stores for a few years now. My kitchen is furnished in greens and yellows, soft and modern versions of everyones favorite 1970s kitchen sets. I do not have a green dishwasher, but my hand towels, pots and baking dishes as well as kitchen decor all follow along those color lines.

I've always found it interesting how in one way color dates us, but yet it's still so cyclic. Think of how today's incredibly popular sky blue and brown color combo will look to us in 10 years. I'll tell you how it will look, dated.


But I'm fine with that. I like my yellow and green kitchen. I know many people who love their brown and blue and I've always been a firm believer in doing what makes you happy today. Sure it's important to plan for the future, but should that really extend to your home decor? I think the answer is no. If it's beautiful today go for it. Have that Blue and Chocolate Brown wedding if that's what's going to make you happy. Eventually every color combo is going to go out of style, but as I said these things are cyclic. What's out of style today will come back at one point or another.

Want proof? Do a quick search for vintage 1960s fabrics. I bet you'll come up with more than a few in the brown and blue category. The B&B color combo were also popular in 1930s and the early 19th century. Here is a BEAUTIFUL hand made rug from the early 19th century. (If anyone's interested it's currently retailing for 21,000 dollars)

Or how about these vintage fabrics I found on etsy?

The seller didn't list a date for this fabric, but judging by the design I'd probably put it somewhere in the 1960s. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. I'm no textile historian. Or how about this beautiful 1930s feed sack fabric? Could you just die?

You'll find a surprising amount of fabrics from the depression era in Blues and Browns. Check out this stunning 1960s Blue/Brown fabric. Wouldn't you just love to have this in your home today?  

(Here's a heads up, the seller has 8 yards of this for sale! It doesn't quite fit in my challenge budget, but I hope someone else can utilize it.)

Here's some 1970s fabric from Switzerland.

Paisley anyone? I know my father own a shirt made out of this fabric at one point in his life.

Moral of the story: buy whatever colors you want! Even if they go out of style, chances are you'll see those colors in vogue in your lifetime.

So, why spend all this time on one color scheme today? Colors are very important when making recognizably vintage clothing. Take note of how the 1960s blues are darker and less turquoisie, the browns are a bit more orange. The 1930s blue is very dark and the brown is a little more murky (granted that image is off colored slightly). You're not going to get the same look from a piece of modern sky blue/chocolate brown fabric.

The design, fabric choice and the color have a powerful ability to invoke a certain time and place. It all depends on how authentic you want to go. A 1940s shirtwaist dress in a cheery floral rayon is going to invoke a different time than the same dress in a bright pink cotton knit fabric.


Do a little research before you pick a fabric for your vintage pattern. See what people were actually wearing at the time. Think about how retro you want to go. Do you want to be 100% accurate or do you want to use a fabric more common to a modern film set? Something people will immediately recognize as a 1940s print? Even if it's not completely accurate? Or you might be like me. I like to use modern fabrics with vintage cuts and I hardly ever worry about picking an accurate piece of fabric. I'm much more likely to go for something like the knit and an updated pinup/rockabilly look than an accurate look.

After you've thought about that and come to a decision then go to the fabric store, shop or flee market. Planning is just as important as the construction.

Happy sewing : )


Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

Egahds...I am making not one but two blue and brown garments right now. Had no idea is was THE color(s) of today. Don't go to stores that often....I must life in a bubble. Thanks for all the education and great luck on your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

The colors are really pretty, I especially like the blue.

Do you have any ideas of what patterns you will use?


Pattern Junkie said...

Love the new title -- and if I had a gown like that, I'd wear it (and do my hair like that as well!) My kitchen is a bright (I mean BRIGHT) yellow and green with tropical flowers. People either say "Wow, this is great!" or "Oh, this is...interesting." Very true about brown and blue...when I was a teenager in the 80s, I considered it VERY 60s and dated.

Looking forward to following your project!