Friday, May 28, 2010

Vinspiration Anyday: 1970s Print Ads

First off. A few more Ruby Shorts look-a-likes from one of my favorite vintage stores Heyday! UK.  I will warn you that their things are not $25, but they're great for some inspiration. Of course I was ordering from this shop only before my $25 challenge. I am pleased to report that since starting this blog I have not bought one new dress, shirt or skirt. So far I'm still on the $25 handmade track, although looking at these blouses almost made me relapse into my days of store bought.

That's it. I've decided that from now on everything I make will have white buttons down the side. I never liked pants or shorts, but add some buttons and I am sold! Those $0.40 buttons I bought? Totally worth it. I may have to make myself a tie blouse like that now. Picture Ruby Shorts, cute tied blouse, hair scarf, large sunglasses, some fabulous shoes, big red lips and a devil may care attitude. Perfect for summer if I do say so myself (and I do).

Has anyone else noticed that the Brits have the best vintage reproduction stuff? Anyways, onto the item of the day, some Vinspiration! This week I picked some fabulous 1970s outfits from some Groovy 1970s magazines. Did people actually say groovy in the 70s or is that an urban legend? I'll have to ask my Mama.

I have a small fascination with the 70s, I guess because that was really my parent's era. Mom and Dad both graduated high school in the 1970s and it really was a time when clothing was fun, flashy and eclectic. Sure it doesn't have the classic, polished, elegant look of the 40s and 50s, but there's just so much charm in a 1970s print or a bell shaped pant leg. The 70s were alive and vibrant!

Farrah. Was there ever a bigger, lovelier star of fashion than Farrah? That sweater just looks so comfy and flowy. Love the bell sleeves and the great wide neck. Not quite sure what's going on with the purse hanging around her neck, but she looks comfy and stylish. She'd fit right in with the recent trending towards over-sized sweaters and cowl-necks.

I really love that plaid jacket with coordinating trousers in the background there. The turtle necks are probably not something I could ever get my Beau into, but I do love the cut of the fitted trousers and jackets. You don't see much fitted clothing for men these days. Even fitted shirts are hard to come by. I think the over-sized belt buckle is a little silly, but has a lot of charm. It's very fun.

Before anyone says anything. Climax is the name of a brand of clothing. Nyesta is a type of fabric and very Synthetic if I had to guess. But lets move past that and look at the drape of these dresses. Gorgeous! I love white over the shoulder dress with the great ruffled detail down the side. Pink is fabulous too, but probably not so much on a busty girl. The lines of the dress are great, very clean and classic. But wait... that dress is the color of my Ruby shorts... maybe they are 1970s afterall?

Another advertisement for synthetics, but who cares. I love a good pinstripe, if you can call those pants that. Mens pants in print are just so fun. The 1970s were definitely a great time for men's fashion. So many fabrics, colors and designs to chose from. Men weren't limited to jeans or the straight cut trouser. They had options! And they rolled with it. The one thing I'm not quite sure about is whether this is business casual or just casual? Is this a weekend outfit or no?

These two are just too cute. I couldn't resist adding this ad. I love the girls cute hair cut. Her collared shirt and sweater combo are super cute. So cute! 

and finally...Versace! Circa 1979. Not the most memerable of the Versace looks, but interesting. You can definitely see the beginnings of the 80s silhouette here. Particularly in that red jacket in the middle ground there. I would also guess that this and other high fashion of the late 70s is what killed that 70s look that we all associate with the era and moved us into the 80s pallet. Fashion always starts with the top designers and trickles its way down to us.

Hope that was fun for you! I had a blast. The 70s are always a good time. Hoping to get most of my work done on the Ruby Shorts tonight. I would reaaaaaaallly like to wear my Ruby shorts for Memorial Day and todays the day to make that happen. I've got lots of time to catch up from yesterday's no-sewing and to get ahead for tomorrow. I won't have sewing time tomorrow as I just found out Beau and I will be guests at an event welcoming one of our brave wounded soldiers home to GA.

So the "new new" Sew-a-Long schedule for me looks like this.
Friday: Pockets and sew everything together!
Saturday: Nothing!
Sunday: Whatever else!
I am not good at following designated time tables. Gah.

And for those of you who don't know, Jo-ann Fabrics Memorial Day Sale starts today! I'll be cruising out there after work to snatch up some good deals.

Some of the deals they're currently running are 50% off all home decor fabric, 50% off outdoor canvas, and 30% off all sewing notions. Frugal gals unite.


Ali said...

Hi, Nancy! I'm a fellow Ruby shorts sewer-gal (though I've been a bit truant). I also love the 70s. More than anything, I love the youthfulness and playfulness of the styles. Thanks for sharing these ads! I'm hoping to sew up a few 70s patterns I have this summer -- flowy dresses, perfect for the season! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the 70s too... what's really great is how they started borrowing from earlier parts of the 20th century. I have some 70s patterns that look 40s easily! I'm definitely hitting the Joann sale tomorrow!

Alyssa said...

Thank God someone else loves the 70s! Thanks for putting these up. Too bad I have to work tomorrow morning :(

Rohini said...

Gorgeous post and gorgeous photos! :)