Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day sale items

So... this weekend turned out to be not so good for my creative side. To give everyone a heads up I may be lack-luster on posting this week as well. My Beau and I will be attending a wake sometime later this week, so the urge to sew really isn't there for me right now.

I did pick up the Ruby's last night and did some basting to check the fit. I'm going to have to take in my seams a bit when I'm ready for the final sew. Looks like the waist is just a little big for me, I can probably attribute this to taking my measurements during that time of the month. T.M.I. warning: I bloat like you wouldn't believe. Every month around the last week I gain about 5 pounds in water weight... bleh. I'm also worried about the fabric stretching out and giving me saggy butt after a few wears, so I figured it can't hurt to take the waist in. 

Forgot to take pictures of the endeavor, but there wasn't much to see. I need to get my pockets done. I'm thinking of using one of Husqvarna 118's fancy stitches for the top stitching around the pockets. She came home Friday so now I have one fully functioning machine at my disposal. Finally. I'm very glad to have my automatic button hole attachment back. I hate hand sewing buttonholes, unless I have a good movie to watch with it. Preferably something with Patrick Swayze. To note, Road House and Red Dawn are great movies to sew and/or knit by. 

I did manage to stop by JoAnn's Memorial Day Sale like I said I would. Didn't buy too much in the way of fabric, since JoAnns stuff can be a little blah sometimes. They were having a great sale on fashion knits though so I HAD to pick up some great striped earth-tone Jersey knit for a steal. $3.95 per yard! It has alternating brown and green stripes, but is overall very neutral colored and would be great with some brightly colored bias taping around the edges. I picked up two and a half yarns and I'm hoping to make something like this out of it.  

Something like this I would make knee length of course. I'm a shorty and anything below the knee tends to look horrid on me.

And with the leftovers I'd love to make some sleeves like these on something!

I also picked up a great floral print in cotton from the kids apparel section. Pretty similar to this one, but not quite identical.

I plan to use it to make with one of my 1940s blouse patterns. I'm thinking I'll make it from my vintage 1941-1942 Advance 2963.

Picked her up for $0.99 on ebay. Best deal I ever made. I ended up deciding that I loved the fabric so much that I ended up buying 3 and a half yards. I was thinking I'd make a dress or skirt out of it as well. Don't blame me, I got the fabric for, get this... $3.00 per yard. Awesome. 


Jana said...

TMI - I'm a crazy bloater, too. My Rubys were a complete failure, mostly because of fit problems - and I made a muslin! The waist was huge and gaping, there was no ease in the rear, total disaster. I'm looking forward to seeing your successful version :)

Kelli said...

First off, I'm very sorry for your loss.
Secondly, I'm glad to find out I am not the only Roadhouse lover on earth! Lastly, I had that same flowery fabric in my shopping cart from Jo-Ann's but I put it back at the last second. I have so many UFO's as it is, I didn't need another one! I can't wait to see your Ruby's and what you make with that fabric!

~Kelli @ Smidgens

Nancy said...

Jana: I hate the bloat. I also hate those girls that are the same size all month long. Sorry to hear about your shorts. Are you going to take the seams out and shrink them up at the waist? I can tell you from my experience that taking in the waist is pretty easy on the Ruby's.

Kelli: I think I've been spelling your name wrong. Sorry about that. And thank you for your concern. I'm worried more about my Beau's family during this time than myself.
And Roadhouse might be one of the greatest films ever made. Just putting that one out there.

Alyssa said...

Oh, er...I also started my Ruby's around that time. I didn't bother with a muslin though (shame on me, I know) and just used my usual measurements.
I'm the same way...none of my pants will fit but I get too cranky to wear a skirt or dress which often results in bad bad bad outfit choices.