Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Friday Vinspiration: 1937

Quick camera update: The cords have been found! And they are on their way down here from New York! Apparently I'm holding up Lisette's big Ruby post, so I hope they come soon. 

Lately I've been on a 1930s kick. More specifically the late 1930s to very early 1940s. The tailored looks, the lowered hemlines, the hats, the furs! There's something about it the glamor of it that just makes a girl swoon. So in honor of that I present to you "A Year in Vinspiration: 1937." No history lesson today, just real people wearing real clothing. Bring back this type of everyday fashion!

March 1937 from the collection of The State Library of New South Wales. It's important to note that this is a high class social event these women are attending. They're enjoying a day at the races. I'm not sure if I love or hate Lady on the Left's suit. That's a lot of print with that matching hat, but the cut of the suit is very fetching. I do love the way the print is worked on the diagonal. I love their gloves and I need Lady on the Right's hat. Need. May have to set about figuring out how to make something like it.

From the same set as above dated March 1937. Still a more formal social outing. I dare any of you to tell me that Lady on the Far Left's outfit isn't the greatest most wonderful piece of fashion EVER. I am so loving the buttons down the front of her dress, her little white gloves and of course that hat. Gentleman in the Center is looking very dapper in his pinstripe suit. I'm a big fan of how far the lapel crosses over in the front, how fitted the jacket is and his pocket square. Gotta love a sharp dressed man.

Teenagers of 1937. This is a 7th grade class from 1937. I noticed some of the boys are wearing pants and some knickers. This is a great snapshot of the halfway point of a major change over in boys clothing. 

This guy was just so cool I couldn't help but put him in my list. This is Dick Mooney of Jamestown, North Dakota, 1937. Honestly if this photo wasn't dated I would have no idea what era he was from, but lucky for me it is! I wouldn't say he was very fashionable per say.... but I love western shirts. I wanted to make one for FiancĂ©, but the idea was shot down rather quickly. FiancĂ© is a well dressed Southern Gentleman, not a cowboy. 

Above I featured society wear, here is some work wear. This is a photo of female workers at the Elektromekano; Helsingborg, a radio company in 1937. Most of these ladies are wearing smocks, which I love and totally have to have. I'm also smitten with their hairstyles. I love fingerwaves, I'm just incapable of setting them into my own hair. 

I love the shoes. Wow. I'm still completely hooked on white peep-toe summer shoes. I'm not sure what to think about the socks with open toes, but if it's good enough for 1937 it's good enough for me. Lady being Leapfrogged has another example of 1930s swimsuit and I'm thinking that the neck is pretty low. Oh you scandalous 1930ites you! I often wonder how the 50 somethings of the 1930s thought about the 20 somethings. After all when they had been their age beach suits were knee length dresses made of black wool

And finally Christmas Eve 1937. I'm digging Lady on the Left's shoes and belted combo. I've seen similar shoes in stores recently. The tweedy tan and black combo has been pretty popular in the last few years. I seem to remember seeing something similar in a Marshall's recently. To note: This is a picture from the Southern Hemisphere so we can all understand the short sleeved dresses. 

Have a good weekend everyone! Stay pumped for the Ruby's come Monday! 


Alyssa said...

That leapfrogging photo puts a smile on your face.
And tell your Southern Gentleman to suck it up. Western shirts are the only remotely exciting mens' patterns out there (besides Halloween costumes and priests' frocks).

Diane Shiffer said...

I personally believe that 1937 was the single best year for fashion.. but hey what do I know? I remember my father (who was 7yo in 1937, BTW) used to talk about the big moment in a boy's life when he was able to switch from knickers to long pants. I love the look he gets in his eyes when he talks about his first pair of trousers- a dark green corduroy that "whistled" when he walked. O the joy!

BTW, i posted this morning about a new old stock housedress from this era that I found in my size! I'm wearing it, and although it is far from the loveliest thing on the planet, I love the thing:-D