Thursday, May 20, 2010


Just joined my very first sew-along over at Vintage Or Bust. Lisette had a great idea to do a sew along of BurdaStyle's Ruby Shorts. And I love them! They are so cute, definitely vintage inspired and they require a very low yardage. I say that fits into the $25 Vintage Challenge quite nicely.

I've decided to make mine in size 34. The pattern requires 1 3/8 yards of fabric which is very budget friendly. I still question that yardage even. Maybe it's a little of my grandmother in me, but I feel like it can be done in less. Unless I want striped shorts, which I may after looking at some of these examples!

Cute right? I just love a good pair of shorts! The shorts themselves are very 60s, but the buttons really give them a 70s feel. Just look at Golightly Vintage's 70s vintage shorts for proof.

So cute! The fact that there's no fly on the Ruby shorts gives them even more of a vintage feel. I hate flies on women's pants and shorts. Do we need them? No. I much prefer a closure on the side so I am more comfortable when I sit. Just look at these great 1940s retro repro shorts from Hipnotique Vintage.

And I can think of a few vintage patterns the Ruby shorts remind me of.

In fact, I'm pretty sure the Ruby shorts are almost identical to McCall 6812 from 1947. Maybe I should call them 40s shorts?

I'm not normally a pants/slacks/short wearing type girl. In fact, I think I may only own one pair of shorts and maybe a pair of peddle pushers somewhere. But my Beau is an outdoorsie type guy. He's a fantastic canoe driver and I have been promised a ride down the river with Beau by Beau's father this summer. I think these would be great for such an occasion. To note, I'm not quite sure if Beau is in on this promise or not. Surprise Honey! These would also be great for things like Six Flags and roller coaster riding. Skirts are not appropriate for hanging upside down on the superman ride. This is a certainty.  

If you want to sew along with us go visit Lisette's Blog. She has a tentative schedule posted for the sew along. Sewing starts early next week so hopefully my sewing machine will be in working order by then. Would really like to post some pics of the magenta dress and start on my swimsuit!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, these shorts are just adorable!!! I especially like the buttons on the front. Yes, quite retro :)

I would love to join the sew-along, but alas, I don't have any vintage patters as of yet :(

I will just cheer on the sidelines!

Nancy said...

Maria: The pattern is from BurdaStyle! It's only 3 dollars and they are soooo cute. Even if you don't join the sew-a-long, you should check the pattern out.

Alyssa said...

Yay! Aren't front-flies the worst? So unflattering. By the way, make sure you check how burda sizes things...I'm normally a 36 but in their system I'm about a 40something. Weird. What swimsuit are you making?

Jana said...

I'm in the sew along, too :)
Can't wait to see what fabric and buttons you pick!

Eleanor said...

Yaaaay! I'm so excited to be doing this sew-along (it's my first!) and glad you're participating, too. I love the sailor-esque versions, but I'm not sure how they pulled that off? It looks simple enough, but those are my famous last words, usually!

I went ahead and picked up two yards of the fabric I plan on using. Just to be safe!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I will not be participating in this sew-along, because I have four pairs of shorts already.

I just wanted to say that those blue shorts with the ruffle look like a throw pillow from the 80s.

And now that I feel like a meanie, I'll say adieu.


Nancy said...

Lisette: I'm making an 80s vintage pattern swinsuit. You can see it in one of my earlier posts. I just have to pick my fabric and order it, but I'll do that after your sew along.

Jana: Sweet! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Ele: I can see how they did it, but I really like the classic buttons on the side look. Very 40s, or 70s, depending on the fabric that you choose. I want to keep mine more in the 40s style.

Garnet: You're not being a meany! I was thinking the ruffle was a little much too, but cute if you can pull it off. I cannot pull it off and will not be adding any ruffle. I think you might have to be a toothpick to wear that particular pair of shorts, but I love the creativity that went into them. Hence why I posted them. I would like to keep mine simple and classic.

Zinnia Cress said...

oh wow! those little ruby shorts are so cute! where can i find a pattern??? :)

Nancy said...

Hi Zinnia. The shorts are from BurdaStyle, I posted a link at the top of this post :)