Friday, May 14, 2010

The more I think about it..

The more I'm thinking of doing some sort of combo of these two drapery fabrics.

Very sixties don't you think? I'm not totally feeling these exact fabrics. I'd still like to go to some of the antique shops around here and see if I can't find anything that would suit better, but it's a start. I'm falling more in love with goldish fabric A up there every day. We have several massive paintings with gold frames that will have to go in our dining room so a gold set of draperies would be nice. 

I never EVER imagined myself with a formal dining room. I actually abhor the idea of having unused rooms in a house, but then I never imagined I would be dating a southern man with a house full of antique southern furniture either. So, I'm adapting. I've decided that I can live with a formal dining room if we use it. So, we'll be having a lot of people over for dinner from now on. That and I've decided to demand eating in our dining room every Sunday for Sunday Dinner. It's a little tradition of mine. I always make dinner on Sunday, no matter what. If you don't make a nice meal on Sundays when else will you have the time?

Well, with my back in full recovery I've decided to plan my next project as I finish up the Magenta Dress. My lovely Dressmaker 230 Sewing machine is starting to die on me. This might mean an expensive repair which I am dreading. I think she needs some oiling, but she's so well built I can't seem to get her apart. Might be finishing this project up on my Husqvarna Emerald 118. Sure Husqvarna doesn't have the vintage charm of Dressmaker, but at least she has a light that works and her threading assembly is actually on her front instead of strangely placed on the side. 

While I was shopping for bias tape yesterday morning to hem Magenta Dress, I happened upon some swimsuit fabric. I have never made a swimsuit before, and seeing as I have an easy swim suit pattern in my pattern stash I thought maybe I'd give it a go once Magenta Dress was completed. 

Behold McCalls 8023!!

1980s-tacular. Yay or Nay on this one? Haven't bought the fabric yet so I'm still up for suggestions here. As for fabric I found a super cute teal with white polka dot stretch Lycra that looked something like this at the store for $8.50 a yard.

I forgot to take a picture of the cute fabric at the store, so this is actually a picture of a similar print I had floating around. (Please excuse bad lighting/fuzzy focus. This is totally a cellphone picture.)

I also found some great retro inspired nylon lycra prints on They're a bit pricey, but considering I only need about 1 yard per suit I might be able to get away with these. The problem happens when I try to include the coordinating wrap in my $25.00 and I do want a wrap. 

16.95 per yard
9.98 per yard
9.98 per yard
16.98 per yard

Then I stumbled across some gorgeous Nylon Spandex Blend prints over at

$17.99 per yard
12.99 per yard
12.99 per yard

I imagine they'll look something like this, except instead of being on a tall leggy girl they'll be on a 5foot tall gal who is mostly torso.

So many choices! What to do, what to do?


Everellie said...

I like the circa 1982 strapless swimsuit pattern with the ruffle. Those are back in, and I could totally see it with the dotted fabric. Also, on the earlier post, I'm not so hot on the floral gold fabric. The other gold is good--but I liked that blue/white/brown swatch you had at the top. Fun blog, fancy Nancy!

Terry said...

green with white polka dot suit with the yellow wrap :)

Nancy said...

Ellie and Terry: Thanks for the input! I do love those polkadots! I was drawn to them like a moth to my front porch light.

And I'm also a yellow fiend so a yellow wrap sounds great! I can't really wear yellow next to my face or I look a bit jaundiced, but anywhere else is fine (and fabulous).

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