Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Vinspired myself

I had a bit of a lazy morning today. Spent most of it working on some graphics for my Beau's business twitter account. So I had plenty of time to set some hot rollers and create a look inspired by the photographs from yesterday.

So I fired up my $24.99 set of hot rollers and went to work. I call this look my Quick and Dirty retro look. After curling the whole look only took about 15 minutes or so. When I'm going for that accurate look I take more time with my hair and usually use sponge rollers set over night. Girls of those days always seemed to have every curl and hair in line, but I wanted this to be fun, a little bit messy, but still recognizably retro. Yay or Nay?

I went with the flat faced 40s make-up routine that I mentioned yesterday. A very flat base foundation with a mineral powder. Combined that with dark eye shadow liner. I've been having a serious allergy issue with eyeliners lately and have had to settle for black eyeshadow and a wet brush. Seems to be working out pretty well, but I miss my thick smooth liquid liner lines. I used some shimmer dust around the eye which seems to show up a whole lot more in the photos, but just believe me when I say it's not that defined in reality. Not too shabby for a 5 minute make-up job.

And on another quick note. I have 7 followers! Oh! Em! Gee! I know this is like nothing to most of you, but I've never had followers before. Thanks so much for your support and comments! It makes posting things like this really fun and awesome.

Just noticed I forgot to fill in my beauty marks! I'm running to do that now. Best!


Debi said...

I love it! It looks FANTASTIC! Your hair holds the curl really well....I also just got a set of hot rollers and I love how quick they are. My hair is still a bit on the short side but yours is the perfect length!!

Atomic Mum said...

I've been thinking of getting hot rollers for awhile, now I really want some. You'v done a great job on your hair and I love the colour.

Nancy said...

Debi: Don't believe what you see. It's not my hair that holds the curl, it's the gallon of hair spray I put in it. My hair has a natural flip that it likes to cement itself into, so getting it to curl is a little like war. I find that anything that says "strongest hold ever" is best.

Atomic Mum: You should get them, seriously! They are the greatest thing in the world. Especially if you want to do retro hair during the day. I put mine in for about 20 minutes while I'm getting ready in the morning. I wear them around until they cool, pull them out and pin the curls in place. The whole process only takes about half an hour to do. It's also good for making victory rolls and barrel curls if you're hair is unruly like mine.

BaronessVonVintage said...

Gosh, you have glorious hair (both colour and lushness)!

I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm following now!

I'll have to check out that Lilac festival! It's a short flight and long car ride away, but great motivation to visit!!

Nancy said...

Baroness: You must make the trip some time. It's really great, the festival is huge and there's live music playing all the time. The lilacs are the real reason to go. The hillside of Highland Park is covered in literally hundreds of lilac bushes. It's a bit magical really.