Friday, July 2, 2010

Pool Side: 1980s Chic

I've been talking a lot about the 1930s lately so I thought it was time for break. We're fast-forwarding 50 years. Today we're totally going 80s, Dude.

Here in Atlanta we love the 1980s. Why wouldn't you? Modonna, Olivia Newton-John, Bowey, Come on!. We Atlantans love our 80s proms and some of us even host some snazzy 1980s pool parties. Of course going to all these events gets pretty pricey if you're shopping at vintage stores. A vintage bikini can sell for upwards of $50 and I don't know about you, but I get freaked out at the idea of wearing someone's used swimsuit. It's like buying used underwear.

Here at $25V we strive for that vintage look while keeping our wallets (and significant others) happy.  So where to turn? Why, to your local department stores of course! And if that doesn't work do a quick shopping trip around the internet. There is a lot of 1980s style in swim wear right now. Don't you just love cyclic fashion?

I've pulled together some fun 1980s swimsuit looks that we'll give you that vintage look while still looking chic. All $25.00 and under for a 80s pool party near you. Hopefully the party will be in a pool and not a giant mud-hole Encino Man Style.

Dude, I just totally found some rad pottery. Woah. 

The Deep-V
Art Deco Monokini From Forever 21 - $19.80

The Bandeau
Stripe 2 pc. Bikini Swimsuit  from Target - $24.48

The Crazy 80s Print
Dolphin Winner Suit from Swim 2000 - $25.00

The Fringe Bikini
Fringe Top from Venus - $13.00, Rio Bottom from Venus - $6.00

The Baywatch
Lifegaurd Flyback from Swim and Tri - $25.00

The Border Print
Red and Black Floral One Piece from Amiclubwear - 19.00

And now, I leave you with this not quite 80s inspiration. Wig Wam Bam.

PS. Camera cable came in the mail this morning. Now I can finish this Ruby business and get back to my sewing business. Expect those photos within the next few days!


Alyssa said...

Good lord, girlfriend. Every day I come and I am disappointed because I am not seeing any RUBYS!
Just kidding, although I am eager to see them. The 80s craze is minimal here, mostly tight dresses and neon colored converse, although many of my middle-aged co-workers never left them behind! A fringed bikini...yech!

Nancy said...

You know you love the fringe bikini...

Gumby said...

Does anyone know what the style of one-piece suit was called that was basically a bikini bottom with a bib type front held up by either a tie behind the neck or thin shoulder straps that came back down to the sides of the bottom and left the back uncovered? It was popular for a while in the mid-80's but I haven't seen one in years.

Bedava Bahis said...