Monday, July 12, 2010

The Rubys!

Tada! I'm so happy to get to present these! What is it they say? The victory you work the hardest for tastes the sweetest? And I worked for these photos lemmi tell you. Someday I might tell you about the 3 hour downloading ordeal, but not today. Love my shorts, and sooooo perfect for the beach. Actually Fiance's office is having a fun summer boating trip in August... can you guess what I will be wearing? Loving the fit around the waist and the hips.

 I'm digging these rubies un-folded. I like the longer shorts feel. Yes, big floppy hat is mandatory.

Think they look anything like my 1947 Vinspiration?

They definitely have a good flair out to the sides.

And if I'm not feeling super retro-esque I can wear them the way they're supposed to be worn. Here's the traditional Ruby fold, but as you can see I did not iron these into a crease. Also cute, but not really loving them as much as I do when they are long.

First summer essentials done and posted. Sew-a-long completed. Phew.


Tasia said...

Congrats on finishing your first summer essential! Now you can make your second pair :)

Kelli said...

love Love LOVE EM! Congrats on your camera ordeal being over (hopefully for good!!) Those are fantastic and you look so cute and beach ready! Totally worth the wait!

~Kelli @ Smidgens

Eleanor said...

Those are excellent Nancy! I am SO proud of you. Mine are in the "hopeless" pile. Sigh.

AND oh my gosh you are SO SO SO cute in these photos! :D

mbix said...

Congrats. They look great!

Ali said...

Wonderful to finally get a pick at your rubies! The pink is so romantic, retro and summery!

Nancy said...

Tasia: I just need to get myself hyped up for it. I love the rubies, but I feel like they might curse my new old camera!

Kelli: Well, it's not over for good unfortunately. The camera does not like to upload photos so I need to buy a new photo card uploader, but for now I am happy. Definitely have a new camera on the birthday list!

Ele: Thanks! I tried to be as cute as possible at 11:30 pm with no make-up and my hair undone. ;)

Mom: Thanks Mom! Did I make you proud?

Ali: I'm so glad you think so! I was really hoping they would give off that retro romance vibe. I'm very happy with the color and how they turned out. Next time around I'm going to elongate the waist so they reach my belly button, but I'm super happy with them the way they are for now.