Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Wardrobe for Cleaning.

Because everything in her house is waterproof, the housewife of 2000 can do her daily cleaning with a hose.

Another confession my friends. I'm not very good at motivating myself to do the cleaning. Of course I do it on a weekly basis, but I don't particularly like it. I know it doesn't take long. I know it's not as hard as I think it is, but you've got to admit it isn't really very fun.

I think the problem is my cleaning wardrobe. I normally clean in a pair of shorts and ratty tee shirt. This is boring, lame, and above all frumpy. It is simply not acceptable. What I need are some new cleaning outfits like these. 

Oh, this could be my dream kitchen. Don't you just love the kitschy wallpaper? And did you all note the fabulous white strappy shoes! The mini wedge is super cute. Oh white strappy open toed shoes, I need you more and more each day. Who knew they were acceptable cleaning footwear? Yet another reason to pick up a pair! Cleaning is more fun when you are looking your best!

Or I could always clean in an outfit like this. I'm sure Fiancé wouldn't mind. Just make sure to have all the curtains drawn before you start cleaning in this daring look. 

Vintage aprons are fun, but I've got enough of those. What I really need are some vintage house dresses. Yes, house dresses are the key to joyful home cleaning. I mean, look at this women. She's just brimming with the joy of domesticity. Would she be as happy if she were wearing a Frumpy McFrump outfit? I think we all know the answer to that question. 

This is my real cleaning schedule. I basically divide my weekly chores by the day. I generally follow the FlyLady program, with a few changes to fit our crazy schedule. 

Monday: Weekend recovery/Kitchen Day (Water plants, mop kitchen floor, clean kitchen counters and appliances, Clean up whatever mess we inevitably made over the weekend)
Tuesday: Big Cleaning Day/"Home Blessing" Day (Change Sheets, vacuuming, Fiancé empties trash cans and puts garbage out for pick up, Clean out fridge, Dust furniture.)
Wednesday: Dreaded Bathroom Cleaning Day (Mop Bathroom floors, Clean mirrors and doors, scrub toilets, do whatever's left over from Tuesday, make grocery list)
Thursday: Errand Day (Dry Cleaning, Grocery Shopping, Other appointments)
Friday: Paperwork Day/Misc Day (Pay bills, send out birthday cards, mend clothing, clean out car, clear out laundry room) 
Friday night is Date Night. Fiancé normally takes me to our favorite little Japanese restaurant. 

Don't tell anyone, but I sometimes cheat and don't do everything I am supposed to. This is all due to my lack of a proper wardrobe of course. (Right. Wardrobe. That's it. Really! I swear!) So I have constructed my fantasy cleaning wardrobe for optimum cleaning fun. With these I bet I could clean all day and all night. 

Monday starts with this 1939 house dress. Wouldn't cleaning the kitchen sink be so much more fun with this lovely little number? I love the first view with the rickrack. So cute! My ideal Monday dress is the view on the left in a lovely minty green with red or yellow rickrack trim. This is my favorite dress of the bunch. It's important to put your favorite thing on a Monday to help motivate you for the week!

1942ish. The big sleeves on this would be great for the more intense cleaning work I do on Tuesdays. I have got to be able to move around to do all that vacuuming and dusting. The big pocket is perfect for stashing little knick-knacks, papers, or misc. items that need to be placed in another room. I picture this dress in red. Maybe a little ivory rickrack around the arms? hmm? hmm?

Loving the ruffled sleeves on this house dress. Can you see that I have a thing for ruffles? Don't get me started on ribbons. This pattern is from 1948, but the cut of the bodice really reminds me of the 1930s. Imagine view 2 in a blue cotton floral print! Laundry would be so much more pleasurable in this lovely little number. Of course I would have to wear my special bathroom cleaning apron on top of this while scrubbing the toilets. I really don't need those anywhere near my homemade dress. Yick.

Thursday is errand day. This 1953 belted house dress would be perfect for taking a quick run out to the grocery store, picking up the dry cleaning, and getting my hair done. I'd wear a comfortable pair of cleaning shoes at home, but of course I'd switch to pumps to leave the house. I picture this dress in a lovely forest green with a big black belt. 

And finally Friday's house dress from 1941. I picture this in a soft pink cotton print with little flowers or polka dots. (Note stappy white shoes again.) Friday is paperwork day and doesn't involve a lot of elbow grease so a pastel would be just perfect. It also has nice large pockets for holding objects to be transported from room to room. It is also a wrap dress. What type of figure isn't flattered by a wrap dress? With this cut once the cleaning is done it would be a perfect dress for date night! No changing necessary. I'd just let my hair down and go. 

What's your fantasy cleaning wardrobe look like? Would having a cleaning wardrobe turn household chores into house hold joys? Let me know!


Alyssa said...

Mine involves no wardrobe, because I'd rather not clean at all! I usually go for a t-shirt, sweater and jeans. And I think you need to rent 1940's House to cure you of this romanticized retro house-cleaning idea! Although it might re-inforce it, hmmm...

Anonymous said...

A waterproof house? Bwah ha ha! Love that!

For me, having a sassy apron keeps the motivation going. I have two from this shop:

Get thyself a sassy apron, girl!

Sarah :)

Nancy said...

Lisette: The above posting was a tad bit facetious. I think I will still be bummed about cleaning even if I rocked this wardrobe. I just wanted to do a post about house dresses. ;) I'll have to check out this "1940s house" business though.

Sarah: Isn't that great? As soon as I saw it I knew it had to go on the blog. Thanks for the Apron link! I love those, but I have too many aprons as it is! Don't tempt me too much or I may have to buy another one!

Anonymous said...

Hah... you have a daily cleaning schedule!
it is kind of funny :)
Just say it to yourself and do it!
Or if you are so tired or bussy call a cleaning company

Tasia said...

Cute cleaning-wardrobe dreams! You know, your imaginary lineup is nicer than a lot of people wear OUT of the house! I especially like Thursday (Errand Day).

It's kind of like buying a new gym outfit to motivate you to exercise - looks super cute, but still doesn't magically do the workouts for you...