Monday, April 26, 2010

The Challenge

As I mentioned in the last post. A challenge has been thrown down by my Beau. We were sitting at the dinner table discussing my recently doubled stash of vintage dress patterns. I was talking about fabrics, patterns, and zippers when this question was posed. Is it possible to have a completely vintage wardrobe? And what's more is it possible to do it an affordable cost? Back in the day my Mother and Grandmother made all of their clothing. Fabric was inexpensive and store bought clothing was out of their price range. Now with a yard of cotton sometimes exceeding $10.00 making your own clothing is more a labor of love and a hobby. It really isn't cost efficient with places like Target, Charlotte Russe, and Kohls around.

So it was with this thought that my Beau issued the challenge. My task? To make a vintage inspired wardrobe. This means tops, bottoms, slips, camis and most especially vintage dresses. There are very few rules, but they are going to be very strict.

Rule 1: The total cost of the garment must not exceed $25.00 US Dollars.

This includes fabric, lining fabric, buttons, zippers and anything else that is part of the finished garment. I make this distinction because these are vintage patterns and I'm a bit of a strange size. I may need to do some editing at some point or another. We decided that the muslin or tissue paper needed for this will not count in the final price. Why? Those are sewing notions that are used to produce a finished project. I wouldn't factor in pins and scissors, so muslin will not need to be totaled into the final price.

Rule 2: All dresses must be made from vintage patterns or vintage inspired patterns.

Some patterns will be vintage, some may be reprints. Whatever pattern I choose the dress must be a vintage design. The goal is to end up with a complete vintage wardrobe.

So some changes are going to be made around here. First the title of this blog. I figure it's time to let go of my college blog and move onto the doings of my professional life. I already removed another blog I had attached to this account that displayed parts of my college portfolio. So in with the new out with the old. I want the title to reflect this project since I'm planning to completely convert the focus to my sewing challenge.

A few names I am considering.

"25 Dollar Vintage"
"Sew it for 25"
"The Vintage Wardrobe Challenge"
"Nancy's New Wardrobe"

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Stay tuned for big changes and an exciting new blog name!!!


Debi said...

FANTASTIC! I like the name "Vintage Wardrobe Challenge" but they are all great. Very excited to come along on your journey!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool project! I like all your title suggestions. How about Vintage25?

I'm looking forward to following this challenge.

Katherine @ ZipZapKap said...

Oooh, this is delightfully ambitious : ) I'm looking forward to it!

Sarah said...

Great challenge! And, I think, doable, especially if you keep an eye out for coupons! Good luck!

Tasia said...

Awesome project idea! I just saw your intro on Sew Retro, and look forward to following your challenge!

Missy said...

This is brilliant! I can't wait to see what you make.

Atomic Mum said...

I love your idea and so do-able. Just remember winter things cost more then summer as heavy fabric often costs more.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What a great challenge! I see that you live in Atlanta, so winter will not be a problem for you. The name...Vintage for $25, it says it all :)

I am looking forward to following this challenge, and you never know, you might inspire others to try it also :)



Anonymous said...

Oh wow - what a fabulous idea!! I can't wait to see what you make! (And, hello!)

moi said...

You might consider going to thrift stores to buy clothing made from vintage fabrics and upcycling that fabric into a new design. Some vintage clothes have small areas of damage or may not fit you or be the right style, but the fabric is gorgeous and usually the garment is priced affordably.

Out of personal curiosity, I have a question about the images of vintage pattern front covers on your blog. How did you determine that you are not violating any copyright laws when you post these images? I am considering starting a blog of my own and would love to include cover images of the patterns I have used.