Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Logan's Run Costumes: The fabric is here!

For Logan's Costume I went with a black knit. I looked into polyester, but I couldn't find any good stretch poly. Instead I went with a cotton/poly blend knit because it had the stretch I needed for my pattern (25%) and it was 50% off. Can't beat that. Of course they didn't have enough of that knit so I had to buy a separate black knit for the shirts that was about $2 more per yard. Ah well, it was close enough that no one will notice. 

For the gray I went with a 15% stretch gray. It wasn't quite the color I was looking for, but the store was very limited on gray stretch fabrics. There was a disco sequined silver in the dance fabrics and a variegated cotton jersey knit that I just didn't like. This stuff was close enough and it was $2.99 a yard. I'm hoping it has enough stretch to get over Mr. Fiance's head.

For the Jessica costume I had initially wanted a polyester in mint green. I had plans to melt the edges as they did for the film, but my hopes were dashed. This was not an available option at the fabric shop and I honestly just didn't have time to do any shopping around at other places (the next closest apparel fabric shop is 45 minutes away). So I opted instead for a Mint Green Sateen. I liked the drape of the fabric. It seemed very similar to the drape of the fabric in my reference photo above. I'll just have to do a invisible hem stitch (joy of joys) around the bottom and I'll probably fray check the sleeves to get them to hang right.

Oh, and did I mention that Jennie Agutter was braless for this film? Yup.

Yeah... still not quite sure what I'm going to so about that... 

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