Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween 2010. It begins..

Remember the big deal I made about Logan's Run a while back? I had mentioned making costumes for this year's Dragon Con, but never got around to it with all the crazy weddingness? Well what I didn't mention was while we were at Dragon Con Mr. FiancĂ© and I bought ourselves at model of a Sandman's Laser Gun (apparently the real name is "Flame Gun" according to my geeky sources)

Mr. Fiance will make a hotter Logan, just sayin'. 

and some Life Clocks/"those things on everyone's left hand". Hot mama!

We who are about to die sal--- I'll stop there. Maybe that's in bad taste. 

So I am now totally obligated to make these puppies and of course the first thing I had to do was massive amounts of research to figure out how the costumes for the movie were made. I've actually been researching this for a few months so I've been able to gather a lot of information and I have a pretty good idea of how these costumes were constructed.

This is a full body shot of both costumes to give you a general idea. Mr. Fiance will be Logan 5 (in front) and I will be Jessica 6 (Middle/not Ferreh)

Photos of Michael York's actual costume. The sandman shirt is actually two pieces. A "one-sie" type undershirt and a tunic over shirt. I'm going to hazard a guess and say that the undershirt was designed as a onesie to keep it smooth under the tunic. Need to discuss this with Mr. FiancĂ©, but we'll probably be skipping the crotch part there.

 Here are the two pieces layered on top of the other.

 And again with a better view of how the gray is placed in relation to the arm holes. You can also see that there's a little bit of batting behind the gray bar.

A Sandman belt. For times sake I'll be most likely gluing beads onto the belt or painting them.

Jennie Agutter's costume. This is the underpart of the costume, the belt is missing. This is what I'll be drafting this week. Looks like a big square with some elastic, I think I'll manage even if I have absolutely no drafting ability.

A similar Citizen costume with belt. Looks like it connects in the back somehow.

To start I purchased some uber cheap uncut patterns on etsy earlier this week. I mean both were very resonably priced. Don't you just love how cheap patterns from the 1970s are? Especially men's patterns.

Mr. Fiance does not want to wear Logan's stretch pants so we are modifying the costume just a tad. I'm going to use these wider leg pants, most likely view C. This was $1.75 or something ridiculous like that. 

This pattern was a dead ringer for the Logan's under shirt. To make the tunic vest I'll just have to modify this pattern a little. I want to say this one cost me a little closer to $3.00. I admit I splurged.

I'll try to update you all on the costume progress as best I can. Lets hope these get finished before Halloween. Those of you who follow $25V on facebook know that I sliced off a good chunk of my finger over the weekend. I'm hoping that won't slow me down too much.

So what are you wearing for Halloween this year? Are you making it yourself? Buying? Borrowing? Not dressing up at all? Let me know!

See you all tomorrow. <3


PS. I should also mention that according to Hollywood Reporter there's a remake of Logans Run in the works. Sweeet!


Eleanor said...

You guys are going to look adorable!!!!!!

Josh and I were going to dress up as Luigi and Princess Peach, but I don't think I'm going to have time to sew the gown before Halloween on top of all the other stuff going on between now and then. Perhaps next year!

Art and Appetite said...

WOW! That is awesome! I'd love to fit one of those but I feel like I'd need to lose weight first! Haha. I'm sure it would look gorgeous on both of you!