Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some $25 Dollar Vintage Shoes for you

Well. My back is still out of whack. Darn roller coasters...mutter mutter mutter....

And the magenta dress still remains unfinished. This is about to become my longest sewing project ever. I did manage to finish cutting out all the pieces last night except the detachable collar. I'm holding off on that until I see how the actual collar of the dress itself looks and whether it's really necessary. 

So far I've managed to do the whole dress in under two yards of fabric and the collar would put me over. Why is this important to me you say? Well this jersey came in at $3.99 a yard and I can use a more expensive zipper if I stay under $10 for fabric! Yay!

Alrighty. So in apology for no dress updates here are some real Vintage things for under $25  to add to your own wardrobes!  All in lovely shades of pink for spring!

Shoes! Glorious shoes! These are some very nice vintage 1930s SILK mauve Peau De Soie pumps. I think these are the Cat's Pajamas! I wanted to snatch them up and hoard them all to myself... but then I decided it's always best to share vintage love. These glorious glorious shoes are only $25.00! 

1950s Pink Paradise kitten heel sling backs. Very very cute and only $15.00! 

Vintage cotton apron in Lavender, Lime and Pink. This lady found this lovely piece of history in an abandoned house. She's parting with it for $16.00. As I've said before, one cannot have too many aprons. It's literally impossible.

Hat! Glorious hat!  Cute little vintage cloche for $18.00. This would be cute with a spring day dress. Simplicity 1426 maybe?

And this cute little 1970's cocktail dress for $24.50. 

And then finally something that is not vintage, but very important for that vintage look. 

Some reproduction 1950s fully fashioned nylon stockings. The proper foundation is important to any vintage look. That includes hosiery and unmentionables. What Katie Did has a great selection of vintage unmentionables, shapers and hosiery. Check them out. These stockings sell for 17.50 GBP or 25.85 USD. Yes yes, they are over 25 dollars but they're so close to cost and I just had to sneak these in. I bought a pair of these about a year ago now and they really hold up. You could run a marathon in these things, trip, fall down, get back up and finish. Their longevity is amazing, especially for someone like me who gets runs the first time she wears a pair of stockings. So far I've worn mine probably 12-15 times and they're still going strong. That's under $2.50 a wear, not a bad deal for stockings. Not to mention their amazingly authentic look. 


Kelli said...

I'm dying over those pale pink pumps, I couldn't squeeze my feet into those if I tried *sigh* whoever picks them up is one lucky person! I'm also loving the coral dress! Great finds you shared!

Atomic Mum said...

OHHHHH! I so needed this post, thankyou. I'm in winter but have been on the hunt for some vintage unmentionables, love the way you said that. So a big thankyou.

Good luck with yur back and the dress.

Nancy said...

Kelli: I could squeeze my foot in, but I'd be too scared to ruin them! It was hard to convince myself not to snatch them up right away, but I remembered that I'm very good at stepping in hidden mud puddles. I hope that those gorgeous shoes can go to a better home than I could provide.

Atomic Mum: What Katie Did is awesome. I'm going to start trying to make my own underpinnings, but up until now they've been one of my main sources. They have a 1940s style brassier in a soft peach that I love and a bullet bra for tiny topped gals like me. Love them, check them out. They also have a great line of vintage inspired cosmetics that my best friend raves about. I've never tried them myself so I can't comment, but the colors are great.