Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Logan Costume - Logan 5 References

Last night I began work on the Logan costume. I did not take any photos as last night consisted of opening patterns, washing fabric, changing out thread on the machine, and lots of pattern tracing. Generally pretty boring stuff.

Just two pieces to cut and sew make this pattern a popular and versatile answer to the knit top and sweater wardrobe for the men in the family. Try it with a crew neck, turtleneck, or buttons down the front. Pattern number 100 was designed especially for knit and stretch fabrics. You will enjoy its versatility and the simplicity of construction.
I must say that this 1967 Stretch and Sew pattern is just about the greatest pattern I've ever used. Four pieces. FOUR. Well, five if you add the turtle neck as I will. You also have an option of adding a ribbed knit collar should you so desire. I didn't have enough pattern paper so I traced the pattern onto parchment paper. 

And then I ran out of parchment paper so I traced it onto some wax paper.

Yeah, it was a little jury rigged. Don't judge.

Next step was to round up all my reference photos and get a good last look.

Velco in the collar.

This costume is going up for auction in December. Starting bid? $4,000. 


Quilted Triangle chest detail. 

After that I rounded up my reference photos and discovered something that had somehow escaped me before. That gray bar on the sandman uniform doesn't go around the back. Glad I was able to figure that out. Less work for me!

Tonight is make the shirt and tunic night. Totally doable if I don't run into any mechanical problems. Yay!


Miss Dandy said...

I think it's hilarious how everyone in Logan's Run looks like they're eternally stuck in the 1970s even though it's a futuristic distopian film! You'd think the hairstylists would have thought to style everyone's hair in anything but a 1970s shag. Of course, this is great and makes the movie completely endearing today! Looking forward to seeing your completed Logan costume.

Fiance said...

So, will I have to do that weird slowly spinning head thing while saying, "There Is No Sanctuary." over and over?