Monday, October 4, 2010


So I'm like totally only a few posts away from 100 posts and that not including the very very very old college posts still attached to this blog in some fashion or another. When did this happen? Crazy talk! I'm going to have to think of some special way to celebrate this occasion. Anyone have any thoughts? Pattern give away was one thing, but... mmmm.... not really feeling it. I'm leaning more towards custom made 1940s blouse. Any objections to that?

It'll give me an excuse to get myself sewing again. This has been a crazy month at the house. Our roommate moved out leaving us with an entirely empty room. At first I thought I would take the room for myself as a sewing suite, but it's at the back of the house and there isn't much natural light. I wasn't really feeling it until FiancĂ© offered to take that room for his office and give me the room at the front of the house that had previously been a den/office. Bigger room? More natural light? Hello. I was so there.

So first step... move all my junk out of the room. So far so good. Next step spend two weeks obsessing over paint. I've had this problem before with our dining room. It takes a long time for us to finish a room, mostly because all of my lines have to be PERFECT and the fact that we have to figure out what to do with our tray ceilings which are a pain and a half to paint. I'm not going to deny that I may have possibly kind of gone over the walls with a half inch artists brush again...

I did manage to convince Fiance to let me use fancy VOC free hippy paint on his walls. We chose these colors.

I always love paint color names. The darker color was "Pinecone Hill" which we used for the wall and the lighter color was called "Shaded Path." We used that for part of the tray ceiling and a beige for the rest. The trim is standard bright white molding color. I think the name was something boring like "snow" so I didn't care to remember the name. These are not the colors I would have chosen for my sewing room, but they work very well for Fiance's home office. I'm a bright crazy colors kind of a gal and Fiance is a traditional, earth-tone, somber color type of a guy. He doesn't find bright colors very relaxing and this is a man-cave we're talking about after all. I hope to add some fabulous art to the walls for a little pop of color later on. We'll see if I can get away with that.

We also moved a mahogany colored desk we've been using as a table in the hall into the office. Imagine a desk being used as a desk instead of a place for me to pile things. Awesome! Next step was to move all the DVDs and our personal records over there. It's amazing to realize how much paper we actually have stored in our house. I felt like a tree murderer :\

I've also been doing some other projects that need doing around the house. Cleaning, winterizing, scrubbing the weird green algae off my back patio. My poor sewing machine is sitting with a giant pile of fabric scraps and notions, just waiting for the sewing room to go together so it can get some use again. Oh the joys of making a house into a home.

I have a few color combos in mind for my sewing room once we get Fiance all moved into his new office. I'd love to do a vintage look that says "this room belongs in your Grandmother's House.". Maybe a fabulous 1950s blue/pink combo.

Think wall colors rather than tile. Also no knick-knacks or weird fish. 
Or we all know how much I love avocado green and harvest gold!

Hotness.... utter yellow doored hotness.
I was leaning towards the pink and blue until Retro posted Benjamin Moore's 1969 paint pallet. Oh be still my beating heart.

I may be in retro heaven. Loving the Sea Foam greens and Powder blues. Yum. Oh the trials and tribulations of picking a darn decade to model my sewing room on.


BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, man I love that bathroom!!! I used to live in an apartment with pink tub, toilet, etc, but I don't think I enjoyed it fully. Awesome!

SewRuthie said...

My sewing room is pale green (neither blued nor yellowed) with rich cream trim and either plain cream curtains or very flowery pink/green curtains depending on my mood. I love it!

Nancy said...

Baroness: I used to live in an apartment with red walls and bright yellow trim in the bathroom with a pink bath tub. I used to joke that the landlord was colorblind, but now I think he really might have been.

Ruthie: Interchangeable curtains? Love it!

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love the yellow & green room!!