Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vintage Beauty Tip Round Up

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Readers, I just love vintage makeup. I really only wear makeup in the 1940s style as most of my friends and family can tell you. It's easy, takes about 5 minutes, and looks super cute. Here, allow me to share today's makeup look with you via cellphone picture. I call today's look saucy secretary, though in actuality I am not a secretary. Enjoy the 1990s computer monitor behind me there. See, I'm so retro. Even at the office. Right...

Yes those are natural beauty marks (evidence), but I still like to highlight them with a little coal. Makes me feel very Marilyn. Maybe even double Marilyn? So intense? (It's still funny to me okay!) So you can imagine how much I love watching tutorials and reading blog posts about vintage make-up and styling. In the past week the blogging world has been blessed with some fabulous posts.

Lisa at Snoodlebug gave us a great little history lesson about manicures and shows off her fabulous nails. I love vintage manicures, though I admit I hate doing them myself. So hard to get those little creasants at the bottom right.

Fleur at Diary of a Vintage Girl gave us a fabulous fabulous video tutorial about creating that scrumptious 1940s lip. You might remember Fleur as the model from my post about Besame lipcolor.

Beauty is a Thing of the Past shared this neat article from 1938. What a pretty hair style I thought to myself, I sure wish I had the patience to create this updo. Maybe I'll do something similar for the wedding. Or maybe I just have a stylist do it for me. I like that plan better.

Couture Allure told us all about buying vintage stockings. I don't really do vintage stockings myself... mainly because I'm a stocking killer. I'm very talented when it comes to getting runs or getting my stockings caught on something, but do check this post out if you have any interest in vintage stockings especially if you're not sure what the different denier numbers mean.

And as a wrap up I'm going share with all of you the first official piece of my Wedding Ensemble. (Mr. Fiance, please avert your eyes).

Royal Blue Contrast Seamed Stockings from What Katie Did. $20.00 (You don't think that just because this is my wedding I wouldn't try to keep things under $25 did you?)

See you!


Tasia said...

Following you on google now :)
What a creative way to work 'something blue' into your wedding!

Nancy said...

Tasia: Why thank you! Wait to you see the rest of the under ensemble :), but I'll probably want to wait until after the wedding to show it to everyone. Fiance doesn't read the blog often, but I still don't want him to see!

Lorna said...

Love your nails, so jealous i cannot do the same I'm really awful at nail art !

Happy New Year by the way,