Thursday, October 21, 2010

Logan Costumes: Jessica Muslin

So I made myself a muslin with some cheap quilting cotton I had hanging around. The quality is pretty laughably hilarious. I don't draft folks. Give me a pattern and I'll mess with it, change it, size it, fix it, fit it, make it work, whatever. Give me a piece of fabric and tell me to go at it... not so pretty. I've never taken any sewing classes and I've certainly never taken any drafting classes so this is about the normal result.

FiancĂ© is very tall. Hence the weird proportions here and the two feet of empty space above my head. Also, the muslin dress was just a little too short. I had some butt cheek showage so I spared you all by putting the muslin over a wiggle dress for the photos. I think you get the general idea here. 

Obviously there's some issue with the sleeves and I'm banking on the poof that pokes out from under the belt being less noticeable in the Sateen.



I also need to adjust the neck a little bit. I want to take the neck opening in a little closer to my neck. Since the movie costume is in a stretch polyester they could make the neck as close as you see above. My sateen does not stretch so I won't be able to take it in as close. We'll just have to make do.

Here is the actual costume again. 

And again hanging. 

I also need a little more length on the sleeves. I'm considering adding about two inches on each side. With the quilting cotton it's hard to see that the sleeves are meant to drape. The sateen will definitely drape so my only worry there is making sure the boobies don't poke out.

So the game plan for tonight.
-Add about three inches to the bottom hem. 2 inches for modesty, 1 inch for an invisible hem.
-Add about four inches total width to the costume for longer sleeves and more flounce to the skirt.
-Take in neck hole and round it out just a tad.

And this is where you come in, Awesome Readers. I know a lot of you out there draft and as you can see my skills are lacking in that department. What do you guys see that also needs to be done? Any tips for the collar of the dress?

See you tomorrow!

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