Monday, October 11, 2010

What the Heck is this?

Dear Readers,

While browsing patterns on etsy, as I often do, I came across this little number.

What, awesome readers, is this? A jumper on drugs? Paper bag? Clown suit? Some throw back to 1570s men's breeches?

Lo! Thoust hath pilfered mine breeches! 
The pattern itself is part of one a McCalls' maternity separates collection.

The mini dresses are quite cute, the pants/tops combos are also very cute. So what is that crazy thing in the middle? Maternity swim suit?

The back of the package didn't give me any better answers I'm afraid.

So I'm appealing to you, awesome readers. What is this thing? (Scroll Down for answer)

Edit: Thanks to Myra's help, I noticed a small line I didn't see on the pattern back beforehand. This is the world's most awful swimsuit


Myra said...

It's a swimsuit set - I read it carefully. Top for E can have elastic casing on the lower edge - probably to keep it from ballooning out in the water and seems to be worn with shorts.

Debi said...

Wow...The girl on the cover doesn't look pregnant at all!

Nancy said...

Debi: It's almost as if there is a flesh eating demon baby and it is eating her from the inside out, thus as the baby grows her organs shrink and there is no visible change in her stomach size. This is the only explanation I see.

Terry said...

looking at maternity patterns, are we?

Miss Dandy said...

Crazy how NONE of the ladies illustrated on these vintage pattern envelopes ever actually look pregnant!

Nancy said...

Terry: Believe it or not I was looking for a men's pants pattern and somehow ended up stumbling across this. No need to worry. There is no need for maternity clothing.

Miss Dandy: I'd have to look a little more into the reasons, but maternity patterns didn't start having ladies with actual baby bellies until the 1990s. I have no idea why that is.

Laura said...

A romper. That's my theory, anyway. I see lots of adult patterns for them at times when, IMHO, they should be outlawed for anyone over the age of three!